The Ultimate ALL-in-One Onsite Lookup Tool

Highlight words, find instant results from Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Amazon, and share with friends.

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Available for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera

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Easy to use

Simply highlight the words, and it automatically shows results.

You name it, we find it

Get results from Google Search, Google Translate, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, and more.

Not just results

Share results with friends by Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Email.

Why our customers love us.

“Instair is a powerful lookup tool. You highlight texts, and every possible answer is right there.”

9:50AM - March 2, 2013
Daniel Mars

“Love the feature of sharing. Now, more friends of yours can learn.”

8:00PM - March 10, 2013
Bart Newton

“Instair is incredibly awesome. This is MUST-HAVE tool for everyone.”

3:13PM - March 16, 2013
James Chan

“I don't think you can find any lookup tool better than Instair.”

4:04PM - March 29, 2013
Lucy jacobs