InstairTM End-User License Agreement

Please read and accept this Licensing Agreement before installing and using Instair extension. If you are an individual, you must be of legal age or have parental consent. If you are acquiring the extensions for a company, you must have full powers of attorney to enter into this agreement in the company’s name. By clicking on the “Allow” (or equivalent) button in browsers, you will be expressing your acceptance of this agreement.


Instair is a lookup tool that finds instant results from Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Amazon by highlighting words online and shares results with friends through Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Email. These actions may interact with your social network tools, Instair web services and third-party websites, services, applications and widgets. This EULA applies to all users of Instair and the actions, including users who contribute content, information and other materials or services via the actions.

This EULA does not apply to the practices of third parties that Instair does not own or control, including but not limited to any Third Party Services that you elect to access though Instair, or to individuals that Instair does not employ or manage.

This EULA covers Instair’s treatment of personal information that Instair gathers when you use the Actions.

Information We Collect and Use

Collection and Use of Data

Automated Data Collection: When you access Instair’s websites or if you use the Instair extension, your internet browser automatically transmits data for technical reasons. The following data is collected in our servers:

• Browser type.
•The words, sentences, pages that you highlight in web pages and want to search, translate, share etc. via Instair. This content will be buffered anonymously for a short period of time on our servers (Instair web services) in order to send it to your selected Third Party Services (Amazon, Google, and etc.). The content will not be stored on our servers and also will not be parsed or forwarded to others. Please not that this data is collected solely for technical reasons and is never identified with a specific person at any time.

Information You Select to Make Public:

The Instair Actions and Third Party Services accessed through the Instair Actions are primarily designed to assist you in sharing information with the world (e.g. posting text messages on Facebook), retrieving conditioned text (e.g. translations), speech (e.g. Google Translate) or information (e.g. Wikipedia). Most of the information that you provide to us is information that you are asking us to make public. This includes information that you desire to post to Third Party Services, such as messages that you send through Twitter and post to Facebook etc. and all related metadata. Depending on your privacy settings on such Third Party Services, this information may be provided to the public at large or only to those that you have permitted to access such information through the applicable Third Party Services. Any information that you publicly transmit is instantly and broadly disseminated. Therefore, you should be careful about the information that you make available through Instair.


Information related to Third Party Services which you access through the Actions and which you provide to Instair is protected by the privacy policies and procedures of such Third Party Services. You need to work to protect against unauthorized access to your passwords for those Third Party Services and to your computer by signing off once you have finished using a shared computer.

Changes to the EULA

Instair may amend this EULA. If we make changes to our EULA, you will find the new version on our website.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Extensions License and the execution of Instair shall be governed in full by the laws of HK. For any controversies arising from this Extensions License or the execution of Instair, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of HK. May, Version 2013