1. What is Instair?

Instair is a user-friendly extension installed on browser, which makes web browsing easier by translating new words, searching news, articles, definitions, videos about the selected keywords, and sharing interested words and sentences to friends. Instair has integrated tools like Google search, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Email for instant lookup.

2. Does Instair support all browsers?

Currently, Instair is available on Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera.

3. Will Instair slow down the web loading speed?

No. Instair is an effective and stable extension, which will not affect other functions of the browser and the Internet speed.

4. What kind of information can Instair search with those provided tools?

Instair can search all the text messages in the web pages.

5. Is Instair free for users?

Instair is absolutely free.

6. Can I customize the order and icon of the provided tools?

Currently, Instair does not support the skin and order customization. But it will come to users later.

7. How to quit Instair?

Instair will not show up if you do not select or highlight any text messages on web pages.

8. Does Instair have a Web Owner Edition?

Currently, Instair is only for individual users, and soon a Webmaster Editions will release.

9. How to remove Instair from browsers?

Chrome: You can right click the Instair icon on top right of Chrome and click Remove from Chrome;
Or, you can click the button (Customize and control Google Chrome) on top right; Choose Extensions in Tools option; Click the Remove button.

FireFox: Select Add-ons in the Tools option in Menu Bar, and then click Remove button.

IE: Select Manage Add-ons in Tools on the top right of the browser, and click Disable after choosing Instair. Currently, we cannot completely remove all extensions from IE.

Safari: Press Ctrl + , at the same time, and then click Uninstall; Or, you can click Preferences by clicking the setting button on top right, and then Uninstall it.

Opera: Click Opera icon and select Manage Extensions in Extensions, and click Uninstall button.